Our Concept

We, at Sai Dham offer our athithis (guests), Saatvik Bhojan - pure and fresh vegetarian food that is prepared without onion and garlic, less spices and oil.

Why is there no onion and garlic in Saatvik food? Onion and garlic adversely affect the consciousness with the lowest mode of nature. They spread negative energy besides generating heat. And they act as aphrodisiacs too! Pure vegetarian food cooked lightly with less spices brings out the flavor of vegetables to optimum.

Food is life, as per the Upanishads, the ancient scriptures. For pursuing spiritual advancement, you must have purity of thoughts which is said to depend wholly on purity of food.

Who has Saatvik Bhojan? - The Gods and the Saints!
“athithi devo bhava” :

The Bhagavad-Gita divides the food into three clear categories corresponding to three gunas (qualities):

1) Saatva guna: calmness, purity, and balance. According to Bhagavad-Gita saatvik food endorses longevity, intelligence, virtuousness, knowledge and optimism. Saatvik food includes fruits, sprouts, vegetables, grains, cereals etc.

2) Rajo guna: hyper-activity, passion, and restlessness. Rajasik food comprises of oily, spicy and salty food.

3) Tamo guna: sleep, ignorance, dullness, and inertia. Meat, fish, eggs, mushroom, onion and garlic are examples of tamasik food.

“ye chaiva saatvika bhava, rajasas tamasas ca ye, matta eveti tan viddhi, na tv aham tesu te mayi”

Sai Dham offers you Naivedya, cooked with heart engrossed in sweet remembrance of Lord Sai Baba and offered to Him. Food cooked with the mind entrenched in the Beloved and the hands engaged in the work, becomes manna from heaven and proves a blessing to those who partake of it.